The following flags accepted by many methods of REQUEST? class as well as list methods of the READER class.

  • REQUEST::LIST_ALL - Demands full lists not limited by selected data source and group
  • REQUEST::LIST_WILDCARDED - Demands the archived databases in the list
  • REQUEST::NEED_INFO - Demands item descriptions to be returned along with the list
  • REQUEST::NEED_COUNT - Demands detailed information on elements counts and etc. (Expansive)
  • REQUEST::NEED_ITEMINFO - Demands information about items in the group lists
  • REQUEST::NEED_AXISINFO - Demands information about axis in the channel lists
  • REQUEST::LIST_VIRTUAL - Demands the virtual elements to be included in the list
  • REQUEST::LIST_COMPLEX - Demands the complex elements to be included in the list
  • REQUEST::SKIP_UNCACHED - Suppresses still uncached elements from inclusion in the list