The abstraction layer providing access to the source data


  • req
  • server
  • srvid
  • dbname
  • opts


  • GetGroupInfo(LOGGROUP $grp? = NULL, $flags = 0)
    Returns information about the specified logging group. If the logging group is not specified, returns the list of all groups in the current data source. If the REQUEST::NEED_INFO flag is specified, the following properties should be returned for each group:
    • first - timestamp of the first available record
    • last - timestmap of the last available record
    • records - number of records (only if REQUEST::NEED_COUNT is specified)
    • items - list of items (only if REQUEST::NEED_ITEMS is specified)
  • GetItemList(LOGGROUP $grp? = NULL, MASK $mask? = NULL, $flags = 0)
    Returns list of the items in the specified logging group. The following properties are returned:
    • id - the position in the group (starting from 0)
    • uid - unique item name (should be unique within ADEI setup)
    • name - the short textual name of the item
  • GetRawData(LOGGROUP $grp? = NULL, $from = 0, $to = 0, DATAFilter $filter? = NULL, &$filter_data = NULL)
    Returns the iterator supplying the requested data