Bora (build once run always) framework is an ADEI extension for a static monitoring web page. Bora always monitors the latest value from the measurement parameters recorded in ADEI. The philosophy of bora is to enable users to create the static monitoring web page without the knowledge of web programming.


$ git clone
$ cd bora

We need to create a config file for each ADEI server.

$ touch config.yaml
$ vi config.yaml

Add the following information in the config file.

type: 'adei'
polling: 2
username: <YOURUSERNAME>
password: <YOURPASSWORD>
script: 'services/getdata.php'
server: <ADEISERVER>
path: <YOURPATH>
  • type: refers to adei server, alternatively this can be a different server such as MySQL.
  • polling: time to poll the server for data in second.
  • username: the username to login to your server.
  • password: the password to login to your server.
  • script: the script to do the data fetching. In the case for ADEI server, this should be services/getdata.php.
  • server: the server URI.
  • path: the path to your installation of bora.

Run the to start the application.

$ python


Data has to be registered and styled.

Data registration

To register the data, you can input the following command on your browser.


For example, the curl command for the CPS group looks like this:


Data styling

Once we have registered our data, we can style them. Launch


and then insert the username and password as you had specified in the config file. A designer page with a control tab is loaded upon successful login. Currently, there are four type of styles available to style the registered data, which are data, ventil, integer-to-string and header.

After adding and saving the styled data. You can validate your change on the status monitor screen at: