This service lists different aspects of ADEI server configuration like configured data sources, supported export formats, etc. The required aspect is defined by target property.

Supported targets

Data Sources

  • servers - Returns list of configured data sources
  • databases - Returns list of available databases within data source. This request returns both active and historical databases.
  • current_databases - Returns list of available databases within data source. Only currently active databases are returned.
  • groups - Returns list of available logging groups. If the db_server and db_name properties are specified, only groups belonging to the specified database are returned. Otherwise the service returns complete list of logging groups available in all configured data sources.
  • masks - Returns list of configured masks withing specified loggroup
  • items - Returns list of available data items (channels) within specified loggroup


  • cgroups - Returns the list of available control groups, if the control is not provided by the data source, most recent logged values are used as values of control channels. Hence in this case the control groups are equivalent to the logging groups and cgroup target returns exactly the same information as groups target.
  • controls - Returns the list of available control items within the specified control group

Data Intervals

  • experiments - Returns list of experiments
  • window_modes - Returns list of standard window sizes

Data Export

  • formats - Returns list of supported export formats
  • sampling_rates - Returns list of supported sampling rates (optional, for data export)
  • export_window_modes - Returns list of supported export modes (interval)
    • Selection
    • Currently opened data window
    • Whole experiment
  • export_mask_modes - Returns list of supported export modes (item mask)
    • Current group only
    • All groups having the mask with specified name
    • Complete data source
    • Everything

Data Aggregation

  • aggregation_modes - Returns list of supported data aggregation modes (MEAN, MMAX, ...)
  • interpolation_modes - Returns list of current interpolation modes
  • gaps_modes - Returns list of available modes for reporting missing data
  • marks_modes - Returns list of available modes for reporting positions of real data points

Mandatory Properties

  • target - List target (see section above)
  • Other optional properties could become mandatory depending on target type

Optional Properties

Returned Result

XML document listing requested target or error message. The following format of XML document should be expected:

 <Value value="<item_id>" name="<item_title>"/>
 <Value value="<item_id>" name="<item_title>"/>

For the listings of controls the access modes are returned as well:

 <Value value="<item_id>" name="<item_title>" read="1" write="0"/>
 <Value value="<item_id>" name="<item_title>" read="1' write="1"/>

The additional node attributes may be used to provide additional information. Example (if listing all available groups, the actual server, database and group ids are explicitly specified):

 <Value value="katrin__hauptspektrometer__0" name="HauptSpektrometer -- hauptspektrometer -- Nord-West" db_server="katrin" db_name="hauptspektrometer" db_group="0" />

If the error is occurred during request processing, the error message is returned. The following format is used:

 <Error>Unknown list target (wines) is specified</Error>