Returns the data in the requested format.

Supported formats

Most of the supported formats are defined in the server configuration. However, ADEI defines several formats which are mandatory provided by any ADEI installation in order to fulfill requests by external components (for example LabVIEW Real-Time Monitor). The following mandatory formats are currently defined.

  • labview32 - Data format optimized for streaming exchange of data with National Instruments LabVIEW applications (32 bit version). At the moment the format is used by Real-Time Display.

Mandatory Properties

Optional Properties

  • db_mask? - Item mask
  • aggregator - data aggregation mode (not supported yet)
  • format? - desired data format (normally, CSV is used by default, but default value may be adjusted by the server configuration)
  • resample? - desired sampling rate (no resampling is done by default)
  • mask_mode? - this property allows multigroup downloads. The following values are supported:
    • STANDARD - only the specified mask from current loggroup is required (default)
    • GROUP - the complete loggroup is returned, the item mask is ignored
    • SOURCE - all databases from the specified data server are requested
    • COMPLETE - all data sources available on ADEI server will be provided to the user
  • filename? - desired file name (autogenerated by default)

Returned Result

The data in requested format.