Generate image and return image identificator (for future use in getimage.php) along with various image properties.

Mandatory Properties

Optional Properties

Returned Result

The request returns JSON encoded array of properties of generated image. If an error have occurred, the only returned property is error.

  • error - should be 0 if image generated successfully, otherwise contains the problem description
  • image - it is indeficator of generated image which should be passed to the getimage request in order to obtain the image.
  • margins - array describing graph margins [left,top, right, bottom]. It is a space allocated for axis, etc.
  • xmin - UNIX timestamp corresponding to the left corner of X-axis
  • xmax - UNIX timestamp corresponding to the right corner of X-axis
  • ymin - value corresponding to the bottom corner of Y-axis
  • ymax - value corresponding to the upper corner of Y-axis
  • yzoom - boolean flag indicating if image iz zoomed over Y-axis
  • precision - approximate precision of the graph (1 is maximum)