ADEI Requirements

  • Apache Web Server
    • Modules: mod_php, mod_rewrite, mod_proxy, mod_proxy_http
  • MySQL 5.0 (or later)
  • PhP 5.2.5 (or later)
    • Mandatory PhP modules: zlib, zip, mysql, json, nls, xml, xsl, session, sockets, imagick, simplexml, curl
    • Databases support requires additionally pdo and odbc modules
    • Excel export requires Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer from PEAR
    • ROOT export requires ROOT 5.17.05 or later to be installed
  • JpGraph? 2.3 (or later)

Database Requirements

  • MS SQL - MSSQL server access is provided with FreeTDS library

Hardware Requirements

  • Timestamps stored as .NET DateTimeTicks? are only supported on 64bit platform