• Dynamic CMS/WiKi engine completely describe layouts (multiple pages)
  • Re-configurable/re-sizeable page-layouts using JS frameworks
  • We have several types of objects
    • Configuration object tracking all current parameters. The following parameter types:
      • Navigational - change the data/view on display)
      • Representational - specify how the data is presented (aggregation mode for instance)
      • Internal - some internal parameters which will be not shown in the URL
    • Static content placed in the template provided by WiKi? using XML/XSL
      • This includes configuration modules (currently in sidebar) adjusting parameters of configuration object
    • Permanently running applications
      • Graph object is an example of application. But there could be more...
      • Navigation bar is another not yet implemented example...
      • However, applications may have multiple view linked to different pages using WiKi? templates
  • Dynamic manipulations with loaded data


  • Ruby or Python
  • Whenever possible the databases are accessed using ORM
  • Client-side and server-side rendering options


  • Parameter passing. The parameter line gets too long for HTTP GET. Shall we use stateful server?


  • Majorana/CoudchDB - try selecting something in the mjdscm history and pick things in the Davis SCM Environment (very flow).
  • NMDB
  • OMERO - Image management